1. First the eyes, because they are the most dominant part of the human physiognomy. Check whether they are level from corner to corner.

Are they angled so that the outside corners are tilted upwards?

Or are they the opposite, and tilting downwards at the outside corners?

2. Then look at the eyebrows. Are they straight or arched? It makes quite a difference to the look of the face.

3. Now look at the mouth. Mouths can be straight along the line of the join of the lips.

Or they can be curved up at the corners.

Or they can turn downwards at the corners.

4. Not only that, the lips can be thick or thin and, again, this will affect the look of the face.

5. Ears are less noticeable unless they stick out very obviously but, as you can see here with our very small collection, ears do vary quite a bit.

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