3 The next part is very important.

First draw in the shapes of the eyes and the mouth and the nose very carefully. Notice how, in the three-quarter view, the far eye and the far side of the mouth are slightly shorter in shape than the near side.

Next draw in the eyebrows. Again the far eyebrow is shorter than the nearer one.

When you do the nose, the shadow side can be put in, too, because that helps to define the character of the nose more clearly. It is worth taking the trouble to get all these shapes right.

The next thing is to put in the ear that you can see from this point of view. Lengthwise, it is situated between the eyebrow at the top and the end of the nose at the bottom. Check the distance between the outside edge of the nearest eye and the front edge of the ear, relating its distance to that of the length of the nose. Then draw in the shape.

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