We generally use the frontal view of the face as the easiest way to get a good likeness and it is probably the best view for your first attempt at drawing the head. It shows you the eyes and mouth at their most recognizable, however, it is not the easiest way to draw the nose. Nor is it necessarily the most interesting method for portrait purposes.

The profile is straightforward enough to draw in most parts, although some people have difficulty with the eyes at this angle.

The most favoured viewpoint is from the three-quarter view, where you can draw the shape of the nose more clearly and still see the main area of the full face. However, you do need to look very carefully at the shape of the far eye and also the shape of the far side of the mouth.

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With the head tilted forward, the look tends towards quizzical or even defensive. But both of these viewpoints can work if you are confident in getting the likeness.

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