3 Over the entire dark-green background splash in leaves in a deeper green or a dark brown. Some splashes of blue will also help to liven the density of the foliage. The chairs and table should now be defined more with overlays of purple or blue. The tablecloth should consist of blue and pink tones, with the edge defined in a darker blue. The chairs can have a bit of green mixed in with the tones over them; they need to look slightly darker than the table top.

Splash browns and greens over the ground in flickering shapes so almost covering the original red-brown with these darker tones. Notice how the brushwork hints at the ground's unevenness and the dappled light through the leaves.

For the objects on top of the table, leave the roses almost untouched, except for a splash of pink on one bloom. Blue and purple tones for the vase will help to give the impression of glass. The bottle and coffee pot should be done in browns, greens and blues. Don't be too exact about the shapes. A loose, wobbly edge helps in this sort of picture. The big jug in the foreground should be treated the same way, but don't totally cover the splashes of yellow that were put on at the beginning.

Watercolour in greater detail (2)

Venetian scene

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