Vertical readings of the profile face:

1. The length of the eye from corner to corner is exactly one fifth of the overall width of the face, viewed full on.

2. The space between the eyes is one unit, or the same as the length of the eye from corner to corner.

3. The widest part of the head is about two units from the top of the head.

4. The nose extends over two vertical units, three units from the top of the head and two units from the bottom.

5. The eyes are situated halfway down the head. Nobody believes this at first but it is so - we only see the face and usually ignore the top of the head, which is usually covered in hair.

6. The hairline at the front is one unit down from the top.

7. The nose is one and a half units from eye level to the base of the nostrils.

8. The bottom of the lower lip is one unit up from the base

These two diagrams of the average adult human head are to help you become familiar with the general proportions. In the first, I have drawn the female head full on from the front with the head upright and directly facing me. The male head, usually larger-boned, has exactly the same proportions.

of the chin. This should help you get the position of the mouth right, because it is not halfway between the base of the nose and the chin.

9. The length of the ears is two units, the tops are level with the eyebrows and the lobes align with the base of the nose.

The basic proportion is five units across the width and seven units down the length of the head. Note the central line running the length of the face, passing between the eyes, straight down the nose, bisecting the mouth and the finally, the chin.

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