Significant colours

Sometimes colour in a picture turns out totally different from the way that you meant it to be. But many great artists work very hard on their colour schemes and don't just arrive at them by accident. It is worth taking a closer look at some of their work before we close, although you have seen quite a number of examples already.

This approach differs from the previous sections, where we have looked at the construction of a particular scene. Here, I will present you with a picture by an artist known for his or her genius with colour or experimentation. I will show how you could adapt the same type of theme for your own benefit, and then produce a new work based on the other artist's ideas. This is an established tradition - art feeds on its own history and produces new versions that illuminate the old.

Be open to experiment. It is good practice for you, for example, to adapt another's work, even if you are only copying. You can learn a huge amount by making as careful a study as possible, but equally you learn quite a lot when you adapt and simplify another's piece. It also helps you to develop your appreciation by examining other artists to see how they have gained their success. Become familiar with the whole range of artistic endeavour and you educate your own sensibilities and begin to refine your taste and understanding. This can only be to your advantage - it sharpens your critical faculties and increases your enjoyment. Instead of idly walking around an art gallery without much idea of what you are seeing there, you will find yourself looking for all the things that you have been engaged in with your own work, and the result is a much more rewarding experience. So enjoy a new look at art.

The following works are interesting because of the particular way that the artist has manipulated colour, and you will find that there is a lot more to it than merely applying green to make grass and blue to represent sky. Local colour is always interesting when you draw from life, but when it comes to an original creative work, you have to decide precisely how you are going to make colour produce the required effects. In this final section, you are going to use all your colour mediums, all your drawing skills and also discover things about your own capabilities that will give you food for thought.

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