The American pop artist Tom Wesselmann, produced a series of Great American Nudes in the 1960s. He took a pin-up-type girl and produced anonymous nudes in pure kitsch settings. The lips and breasts were emphasized; the eyes, or in fact any detail that might have made the figure look real, were done away with, and the being was reduced to a grotesque. No one could take a picture like this seriously. And yet it is overtly sensual. So how do you emulate this artist's theme? Not by looking at more pinup girls. You need to take an 'attractive' idea that you do not agree with, or would not want to be connected with, and rethink it until you get a new theme.

Here I've taken a picture of a US soldier, but refused to make use of the more sombre colours normally associated with soldiers. It is also making a good point about the facelessness of armies, just as Tom Wesselmann did about pin-up girls.

Georgia O'Keefe was quite an original artist and she produced some very strong images of plants and flowers, drawing them up to a grand scale which made you look much harder at them. In this example she has chosen two blossoms of petunia in a strong purple colour, which floods the area of her picture very effectively. She has painted the fleshiness of the petals so that you can almost touch and smell them.

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