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6 Placing these objects close together, well below my eye-

level, I get a repeated pattern of circular, cylindrical shapes, with the light behind them bouncing off the light surface they are standing on. Notice the arrows showing the direction of the light which means that all the shadows are facing the viewer. Draw a sketchy outline of your arrangement before starting on your finished drawing.

7 When you begin to draw these, you will realize that the light colour of each of the objects, and the light background, are assets when using coloured pencil. Because with pencil you can be quite precise in your outline, take your time to get the shapes exactly right in relation to each other. Remember that the space between the objects is as important as the shapes of the objects themselves. Don't get too heavy with your shading or tone - only the tankard and the jug call for strong, dark colours. Notice that the darkest part of this pale still life is the interiors of the pots.

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