Having got out of the house, you might head next to a nearby town where there is some dramatic architecture. Most places have at least one or two buildings that stand out from the rest, and which could make a good subject for a piece of perspective architectural drawing. I am spoiled for choice, being close enough to London to get there within twenty minutes by public transport, and where there are plenty of extremely dramatic and even eccentric buildings.

This view, which I have drawn in watercolour, was originally sketched by me in ink and then photographed one day near the British Museum. Later, I got out both the photograph and the drawing and re-drew the whole thing in watercolour as simply as possible, omitting unnecessary complications like myriad street signs and all the traffic. I concentrated on the drama of the tower-like corner building, with its two sides swept back like a great wedge of cake. I've simplified the colour as well as the drawn details, but if you wanted to make a more detailed version it would not be difficult.

It is worth considering exotic locations and taking drawing equipment on holiday with you. Here is a typical seaside scene on the Greek Peloponnese in the middle of summer, with boats and umbrellas or sunshades set up. The rocky island opposite the resort is covered in light scrub, the sun is bright and the sea is blue. It is all rather haphazard as I drew this originally in coloured pencil, but although I've changed things slightly as I reworked it in watercolour, the basic ingredients are the same and the look is as I remember it. The splashy technique of putting in the colours with a medium-sized brush, keeping lots of the white paper showing, helps to emphasize the bright sunlight and the easy atmosphere.

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