With pencil, you have to build up the colour to achieve tonal strength. Use a neutral colour for the outline then layer lighter tones over the basket, the bottle and the blue cloth. On the bottle, leave some white areas for highlights. Build up your colours from light to dark. Use your strongest, brightest red for the tomato, except for the highlights. Leave the pattern and shadows on the cloth until last.

3 This pastel version is drawn on a warm, khaki-coloured paper, on which both strong and light colours register well. Again, sketch out the shapes. Put in the colours on the basket; keep the marks of the weave to a minimum. For the bottle, work in some dull greens, dark brown and a few touches of bright yellow for the highlights. Block in the light blue cloth and the light background wall with varying texture but enough strength to outline the shapes of the foreground objects. The tomato can be worked last as it is the most powerful colour; a strong vermilion plus crimson to give it solidity, and yellow and white spots of highlight. If some of the highlights or shadows appear too weak, strengthen them. Try not to draw over your first marks, but here and there you may need to emphasize an edge. Don't try to be too precise, and thus lose the soft-edge charm of the medium.

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