9 Next you have to place the figures into the scene. The first thing was to put the couple together on the towel with the sunshade on the left side of the picture. On the other beach towel, which is strongly coloured, I placed the young woman. She has no need for the shade as she is building up her tan, and she has a sunhat to keep off the hottest sun. Behind her I set the young man with the beach ball so that the lounging man appears to be calling to him. Behind him is the uncertain man wondering what is going on, and the middle-aged woman who is probably waiting for him to move the deckchair closer towards her. In the space between the three in the foreground I put the youth throwing the water and the young woman reacting to that. And so you now have a beach scene with a logical enough story to give it credence that it actually happened. Needless to say, all these figures have been observed by me at some time or another, and it was only a matter of remembering what they had looked like in order to draw them. But if you are contemplating a scene like this it would not go amiss for you to draw some people in that situation first or even take some photographs of such poses.

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