Still life usually comes in small sizes which can be arranged on a table top, but if you are feeling ambitious there are larger objects that you might like to contemplate. These would require a different setting, of course, but that is an essential part of their interest.

The first object is a child's brightly coloured bicycle complete with stabilisers. Using a buff paper for the E pastels, I sketched the whole frame of the bicycle in N the red first, and then added greys and yellows for c the handlebars, crossbars, pedals, seat and tyres. I c increased the intensity of the main colour and then R put in the white wheel spokes and hubs, and the black edges to the wheels, pedals, seat and brake. Lastly, I dragged some dark red around the frame to give more substance to the structure. It was all kept very sketchy and done quite swiftly. The background was approximately the right tone for the setting, so I didn't even put in shadows.

The car is one of the largest items of still life to be found around 73 you. Either your own, or those vehicles that line the streets, are good models for a large still life. I used coloured inks for this A

effort but any medium would be as good. For the very dark areas G around the wheels and at the shadowed front of the car, I used a

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