With figures and faces you are presented with your biggest challenge. They are, at one and the same time, both the most G satisfying and the most difficult things that you will have to draw.

T So take some time before you start to consider exactly how you

N will approach this piece of work. As you can see from these

S examples, there is no set way of doing this: perhaps decide what

R you can do and then try to go a little beyond that. Don't worry if

T it doesn't always work - that is how you learn to draw well, by

® making mistakes and then attempting to correct them. If it becomes a mess, stop and start again.

The example here gives you some idea of getting a face to look convincing without too much overworking. The head, done in pastel, is simple and sparely worked, but still comes across as an obvious male head.

Let us take a quick look at how well the human figure can also be drawn with just a little colour and form. The fluid drawing of the nymph Psyche leaning over (Cupid) with her lamp, contains not too much construction and yet enough to show how the figure works. The colour is muted and limited to showing the figure of Psyche glowing in the yellow torch light. This loose, fluid type of drawing is very attractive and you can achieve good results whilst still a beginner.

This pair of figures, based on a drawing by Picasso, shows how an undulating pen line, plus a touch of watercolour to give depth and solidity, can very quickly give an impression of the two bodies in space, lit rather softly. The solidity of the figures is not emphasised but they both look alive and breathing, which is a good start. This fairly unmeasured figure drawing is very useful if you can achieve it, although it may take a fair amount of practice.

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