For a composition in which clothing is central to the artist's statement, choose a scene with which you are familiar. I have D decided on a jazz version of the dance hall or night club which, as p a young man, I found endlessly fascinating, chiefly for the way

R people revealed themselves in terms of what they wore. This is where people go to dance, show off, have fun and dress up to be seen, all at the same time.

1 First, you need to decide on the number of figures, and how you want to portray them. I wanted to show three pairs dancing and three other individuals on the sidelines, so to speak. I decided to leave the actual venue rather vague, just a dark space with some strobe lights to suggest the activity.

2 My main couple, designed to occupy the centre of the picture, are a young man and woman dancing in a jazz club; partly because my own experience was based in clubs like these and partly because my research suggests that jazz is making a comeback in the nightclub world.

3 My second dancing couple would be dancing closer, and more slowly. Then the third pair would be likewise dancing to jazz, but at some distance and less obtrusively.

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