When drawing in ink, less can be more, so don't overwork the subject. To begin, draw in an outline with neutral colour; I used brown, but with a grey ink for both cloth and background. Now decide what texture you will use on each of the objects to make them look convincing. Don't over-elaborate in the case of the basket. A scribble effect will help to give dimension where the shadows are. For the bottle keep the transparent look by leaving areas of white paper showing and indicate the background through the glass shape. The tomato needs a more solid colour - use your brightest red all over, except for the highlight; I put in the front highlight with a yellowy orange, to tone it down a bit. The darker areas I put in with a purple, but sparingly. The cloth can be

the least drawn over, the light blue kept fairly open in texture so it doesn't dominate the picture. Lastly, the wall behind can be washed in lightly in pale grey.

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