Before you leap into your first figure drawing, pause to study T the proportions of the human M figure so that you have some U idea as to how it can be drawn A more easily. This diagram gives F a very simple view of that O complex object, the human E body. Viewed from the front, the height of the average adult - male or female - is approximately seven-and-a-half to eight times the length of their own head, measured from top to bottom. Women are generally smaller boned than men but the ratio of head to overall height remains the same.

Notice how the halfway mark of the human figure is the lower end of the torso and the top of the legs. The navel is three units down, as are the elbows with the arms lowered.

Unit 1

Notice that the second unit down is the level of the nipples of the chest, and the knees come about halfway down Unit 6.

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