Next, we have two parts of a drawing by Mary Cassatt, the American Impressionist. The first part is a leg-of-mutton sleeve of the period, drawn with rapid light strokes of the pencil. The sleeve itself is in green, yellow ochre, brown, blue and violet, in that order. Some areas are more closely covered, others less so, to give change of tone. The background is a heavily drawn-on texture of red and yellow, with some violet in the shadows. Having worked up the colours to the desired intensity, they are given added strength by the black outlining of the sleeve shape and deepening of the shadows in the space behind.

The second Mary Cassatt drawing is of a small child held in its mother's arms. First, a light layer of yellow ochre was smoothed on, then pinker areas around the thigh, stomach, chest and shoulder. When that is done, areas of light and dark blue help to bring out the shaded parts, with a little added green. The background areas are on one side dark blue and violet, and on the other side greenish-yellow. To finish, once again a black pencil has been used to define the rounded edges of the figure.

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