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For an added semblance of reality to your animal drawings, try fitting your subjects into the type of landscape that they might normally inhabit. This means that you need some pictorial references to draw upon. Alternatively, do what the famous French painter Henri 'Le Douanier' Rousseau did, which was to create a magical jungle habitat that never existed in real life but was a product of his sketching sessions amid the lush greenery of the Jardin des Plantes in Paris - the equivalent of Kew Gardens in London.

Drawing a dog in its basket is fine while it sleeps, although they often move in their sleep. So draw the dog in first and the shape of the basket after, as the dog may wake up and invariably move off.

Colour Drawing Aquarium

Fish in an aquarium are a colourful and fairly easy exercise, because they continually repeat their movements across the glass tank. Their colours can be very vivid and as their shape is so streamlined they are not too difficult to draw. The difficulty is to make them appear to be in the water.

Birds Freehand Sketches

This image demands that the cage is drawn with care and precision, while the bird itself is just a colourful shape inside the wire structure.

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