U Our first picture is by John Keane, entitled Fairy Tales of London

N (1992) and is a sort of allegory of metropolitan life for a young

^ mother and her family. In my version of the picture, the strong pastel

U colours are punchy and contrast with each other, making the scene

E look very hard, sharp and rather unsympathetic. The colours seem somehow to isolate the figures in the urban landscape.

The second drawing shows a young black man wearing a sharp suit and, in a way, he is every bit as urban as the previous figures. However, by placing this dark-suited young man against a dark huddle of trees and a dark ground surface, the contrast is reduced to the sharp patch of his white shirt seen above the high-buttoned jacket.

All the colours work gently together because they build a deep sense of space without isolating the man. The white patch of the shirt is like a small flag calling attention to the elegant figure. This is a painting by the artist Eugene Palmer called The Brother (1993), and I have transcribed it fairly freely in watercolour.

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