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The first stage requires a fairly loose brown line drawing on the grey-brown paper and then filling in some of the more obvious shadow areas, including, this time, the cast shadow on the table. Keep the strokes loose and light in touch.

You can now begin on the other colours. I put in the blue edge to the bowl and then the basic yellow of the bananas and the yellow and green of the apples. Next, I drew the pattern on the plate and also the very light areas on it. I then deepened the shadows on the bananas and apples with blue and green. The red strokes were added to the apples and touches of highlights. Next, using purple, I put in all the darker shadows in the bowl around the fruit, and also the cast shadow. Lastly, I put in a light green for the tablecloth in the background, with some darker green over the cast shadow. It was much quicker to do than the coloured pencil drawing and quite strong and effective.

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