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U Monet is one of the great S colourists of all time and he wasn't afraid to lay on the colour with abandon, producing work such as this sunset over the church of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice. This is a pretty dramatic sight at any time but when it is blazing with the colours of the setting sun it really becomes almost overstated. How can you do your own version of this sort of sight? Well, to start with you don't need to rush off to Venice; you can look around your own area for a building that is reflected in a river or lake, or the sea if you live near it. You will need a view that is towards the west to get the benefit of the next good sunset, so you will need to do a little bit of research of the locality. As an artist this is always valuable, so it is not time wasted.

When a painter wants to make a strong emphasis in his composition, it is often the colour that brings out the point being made. Both these examples use colour to great effect and you can try out your own versions.

The next artist, Tissot, was an Edwardian society painter who was in great demand for his ability to portray beautiful women and handsome men. At any rate, if you were painted by him, you usually came out looking much better than you had ever thought you could. When someone had a marvellous, fashionable dress to show off, it was reasonable to get Tissot to do a painting in which this elegant article was being given an airing. In this picture the brilliant yellow dress obscures everyone else at the ball and what the dress doesn't hide of the competition, the large fan does.

Now what would be the equivalent situation now, in your circle of friends? Maybe a party dress, but it might be something like an interesting pair of shoes, or a new football strip.

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