Animals in motion

The next picture is of an American bald eagle, which is the emblem of the USA. I have drawn this one with a brush, in watercolour, and tried to keep it straightforward in style, with all the emphasis on the outspread wings and the arrowlike body. Only two colours were used but you could play around with blacks and browns and other tints, as long as you don't lose the active effect of the flying bird.

Another animal is on the move in the next picture - this time it is a fox loping across the meadows by moonlight. I have splashed in the foxy red of his coat without attempting too distinct a shape, putting dark patches of colour on the feet, nose and ears, and leaving quite a bit of white showing around the muzzle and on the tip of the tail. You will have to be a little more careful when it comes to putting in the green pasture and the night sky, making sure you stay clear of the fox's outline, so there is no danger of the colours running.

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