Warm colors, 14, 23 Water (bodies of) river, 112-113 ocean, 100, 104-105 Water droplets, 101-103 Water reflections, 100, 106-107 Water surfaces, 100 Wine glasses, 74 Wood grain, 66-67 Wooden textures, 66-67 Worm's-eye view, 52

The BEST of Lee Hammond is from North Light Books!

Acrylic Painting with Lee Hammond

Colored Pencil Drawing

Best-selling author. Over a half million mid!

Learn to draw realistically in pencil and graphite! More than 40 step-by-step projects with reference photos and plenty of tips and hints for beautiful drawings.

ISBN-13: 978-1-58180-587-1 ISBN-10: 1-58180-587-X #33058, Paperback, 160 pages

Best-selling author. Over a half million mid!

Lee Hammond brings 20 years of professional experience to the popular medium of acrylic painting providing everything the beginning artist needs to get started.

ISBN-13: 978-1-58180-709-7 ISBN-10: 1-58180-709-0 #33375, Paperback, 128 pages

Drawing Naked Furries

Everyone has photographs of their favorite pets. Now you can now use them to create dynamic, candid drawings of your beloved furry and feathered friends.

ISBN-13: 978-1-58180-640-3 ISBN-10: 1-58180-640-X #33226, Paperback, 128 pages

Drawing Naked FurriesDrawing Naked Furries

These books and other fine North Light titles are available at your local fine art retailer, bookstore or online suppliers. Also visit our website at www.artistsnetwork.com.

Artist Grade Drawwing Pencils Skin Tones


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Pencil Drawing Beginners Guide

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