Transparent Objects

When you draw something transparent, you render everything that reflects off it, rather than the actual object. Instead of visualizing these objects as"clear,"think of them as a shiny surface that reflects shapes and tone to create different patterns.

Experiment with drawing glass objects by placing them with various light sources and viewing them from multiple positions. Once you get used to viewing glass as patterns of shapes and tones,you'll find there is no end to the possibilities of the beautiful colors that glass creates.

Experiment With the Lighting and Posing of Glass Objects

This blue decanter from my kitchen is a wonderful example of reflected color and light My close friend Tice took a bout twenty pictures of this decanter with different angles, lighting and backgrounds. We moved it in and out of light and were amazed at how different each photo appeared.

Colors Used

Cream, Sand, Peach, Mineral Orange, Tuscan Red, Burnt Ochre, Magenta, Clay Rose, Lavender, Black Raspberry Indigo Blue, Denim Blue,True Blue, Sky Blue Light, Black, White

Decanter Coloured Pencil

A Blue Decanter From the Kitchen

Stonehenge paper

Reference photo by Mel Theisen

A Blue Decanter From the Kitchen

Stonehenge paper

Reference photo by Mel Theisen

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