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White isn't white and black isn't black—both colors are neutral and reflective in nature. When building fur color, make sure your pencil lines follow the direction that the fur flows to create texture.

Consider using suede board when drawing animals—it gives fur a smooth, realistic appearance. To create realistic-looking hair, make sure to taper pencil lines at the end.

Keeping a very sharp point on your pencil will ensure the background has an even tone.

Nothing is more rewarding than capturing the people you love in your very own work of art. Of all the types of art that I do, I love looking at the portraits I have created of my family members the most.

I recommend reading my book, Lifelike Portraits from Photographs, to use as a guide. It goes into much more detail, and is excellent for learning how to draw professional portraits. Enlarge your favorite photos on a color copier. This makes it easier to see the details and use the grid method.

Tell a Story With a Colored Pencil Portrait

Adding a person to your artwork can change your art from a simple drawing of objects to one that actually tells a story. This drawing has a wonderful story to tell: my granddaughter, Taylor, experiencing a close encounter with a butterfly at the zoo.

This is also a great example of art that includes a lot of color, both in the foreground and background. I chose to create the background out of focus to make Taylor stand out. It appears more as a grouping of light and dark green shapes, with little or no detail.

To achieve this blurry look, I heavily burnished the background. I also burnished the bright colors of her sundress and the butterfly. However, I used a light layering approach to give her face the look of childlike soft skin.

Human Portraits Suede Board

Taylor and the Butterfly

#1008 Ivory mat board 16" x 20" (41cm x 51cm)

Taylor and the Butterfly

#1008 Ivory mat board 16" x 20" (41cm x 51cm)

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