Quality paper is critical. There are many fine papers on the market. As you try various types, you will develop your personal favorites.

Before you try a paper, always check the weight. Many papers are just too thin. I learned this the hard way after a beautiful drawing of my daughter formed a permanent crease when I picked it up. No amount of framing kept my eye from focusing on it first. So, you don't want paper that easily bends when you pick it up.

• Artagain by Strathmore is 60-lb. (130gsm) cover-weight paper that comes in a variety of colors, has a somewhat flannel, speckled appearance and a surface with no noticeable texture. It is available in both pads and single sheets for larger projects.

• Renewal by Strathmore is very similar to Artagain, but has the look of fibers instead of speckles. I like it for its soft earth tones.

• Crescent Mat Board is my personal favorite because of the firmness. It doesn't have to be taped down to a drawing board, making it easy to transport.

• Crescent Suede Mat Board is another favorite of mine. It has a surface like suede or velveteen. Prismacolor pencils look like pastel when applied to this fuzzy surface. It comes in a variety of colors and can be purchased at your local frame shop.

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