Stonehenge colors

Artichoke, Black, White, Dark Brown, Peach, Henna, Seashell Pink

Reference Photo

Use the grid method to achieve a line drawing. Be particularly careful with the irises and pupil, and take special note of the tilt of the eyes. When you are happy with your subject, remove the grid lines with a kneaded eraser.


Burnish the entire iris with Artichoke. With Black, burnish the pupil completely, except for the small dot that represents the highlight or catchlight.

With Black, outline the outer edge of the iris and streak some into the iris to create the line pattern that exists in the irises of many eyes.

With White, burnish directly around the pupil. Avoid burnishing over the pupil's reflected light. Burnish the catchlight with White.

Using Black and a light touch, create the crease of the eyelid and the upper and lower lash lines. With Dark Brown, create the shapes of the eyebrows. Notice that on the lower lash line there is a shelf or ridge created by the thickness of the lower lid directly below the iris. The lashes grow out of the lowest edge. This lower lid thickness is essential when drawing eyes. With Peach and a sharp point, layer the skin color around the eye area, including the lower lid thickness.

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