Stonehenge colors

Sky Blue Light, Denim Blue, Blue Violet Lake, Clay Rose, Seashell Pink, Greyed Lavender, Black, White


When an ellipse is drawn incorrectly, your brain screams that something is wrong. Here are three tips to drawing ellipses correctly:

1 Remember, you are drawing a circular shape; there should be no flat spots or pointy areas in the smallest area where the ellipse curves.

2 Visualize all sides of the elliptical object and draw the complete ellipse before shading. Try to see through it.

3 Remember, you should be able to fold your ellipse in half, with all sides matching.

practice drawing through

There is a mathematical way to produce an ellipse based on the degree of pitch and its angles. But you don't need a formula to tell you when an ellipse is off. This drawing looks complicated, but it really isn't. Follow along, and you can see for yourself.

Pencil Shading Sketches With ClothesPencil Shading Sketches With Clothes

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