Locate The Horizon And Create The Line Drawing

Locate the horizon line, or where the sky and the water meet. In this piece, the horizon line is low, about one fifth of the way up from the bottom of the composition. Lightly draw a line across the paper, parallel to the lower edge, and lightly sketch in the palm trees.

Begin by placing in the sunshine streaks with Lemon Yellow, noting the direction of the sunlight and rays. Add some Lemon Yellow to the water area below the horizon line.

Apply Peach to the water to the left side of the Lemon Yellow. Add it across the sky, and around the Lemon Yellow. Place Lavender and Parma Violet in horizontal patches throughout the orange sky tones.

Use China Blue and to create the deep blue tones along the horizon line that separate the ocean and the sky. Create the lighter colors in the water with Sky Blue Light.

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  • Deanna
    How to draw a horizon with colorod pencils?
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