How To Draw With Color Pencil

Wooden Door Handles

Wood in Bright Light

This drawing of a has many of the same colors and techniques as the drawing of the wooden door handle at right. However, to represent the intense light of the sun, the colors have been burnished to appear brighter. The orange color of the wood is reflected in the textured skin of the lizard, and the blue of the sky is repeated in the white part of the wood above him.

Colors Used

Beige, Burnt Ochre, Terra Cotta, Orange, Tuscan Red, Cool Grey 50%, Aquamarine, Black, White

Orange Lizard Drawing

Simply put, the key to creating convincing wood textures is patience with creating multiple layers of various colors. It is very important to follow the direction of the grain when drawing wood. Wood usually has a very distinct pattern to it, and the pencil lines should replicate the design. Notice that in the illustration of the door, the wood grain is vertical. In the illustration of the lizard, the wood grain is horizontal.

Wood Grain Colored Pencil
Vertical Grain Wood

Many layers of different colors combine to make the wood look realistic. This drawing was created on #1008 Ivory mat board, so the wrought iron texture of the paper shows through to create the pebbly texture of the door handle.

Reference photo by Janet Dibble Wellenberger

Colors Used

Yellow Ochre, Burnt Ochre, Sienna Brown, Terra Cotta, Orange, Tuscan Red, Dark Brown, Dark Umber, Black, White

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