Finish The Scene

Complete the drawing using a sharp point. Use the layering technique to achieve a great number of tones ranging from dark to light. Remember, any object with an edge or rim has reflected light. Allow your darkest tones to emphasize your light tones.


Storm Blue Artagain colors

White, Cool Grey 50%, Cool Grey 70%, Spring Green, Chartreuse, Dark Green, Mediterranean Blue, Aquamarine, Pink, Peach, Pumpkin Orange, Dark Brown, Cream draw a house

This drawing is one that I created for a children's book that I wrote and illustrated called A Snow Globe for Angel. One of the characters in the story is a little boy named Andrew who lives in a mansion on a hill. I created this house purely out of my imagination, based on how I envisioned the scene. It was fun to draw, so I selected it as a project for you. It is a beneficial exercise for learning perspective.

Color Pencil Line Drawing Lesson Plan

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