Finish The Drawing

Continue building the tones using a firm pressure until the colors become deep and rich. Be sure to allow the yellow to show through in areas, and the red to streak in curved lines. For deep red tones, use Tuscan Red and a thin layer of Black on the shadowed side of the apple. Burnish the Black with Tuscan Red to soften the color.

Notice the tiny edge of light around the lower left side of the apple. Do not color the deep tones all the way to the edge. This will produce a rim of reflected light and help create the illusion of dimension.

To finish the drawing, burnish White into the highlight areas, overlapping the red and yellow tones to create a reflection of light. Complete the stem by placing Dark Brown on the right side and Limepeel to the left. To create depth in the stem, add a touch of Black along the top and sides, and to the rear shadowed area. To complete the stem, add a tiny bit of Limepeel on the apple skin behind the stem on the right side.

pear with a cast shadow

This exercise is drawn with many of the same colors as the apple project on the previous page. However, the shape has changed and the lighting is different, casting an obvious cast shadow.

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