Finish The Drawing

To finish the drawing, deepen every color's tone. Since I was not using a reference photo, I slowly added colors until I liked the look. Study the finished piece closely and you will see where all the colors have been intensified. The biggest change was in the grassy area and the flowers. Use White to give the flowers more depth, and add Chartreuse to brighten the color of the grass. Add Dark Green to create the illusion of shadow.

Use White to lighten the right side of the tree trunk, and to add highlights to the bricks on the front of the chimney. To create the patterns of the other bricks, use Dark Brown with a sharp point and a ruler. Be careful to follow the perspective lines when outlining the bricks. Add some Cream to the cobblestones along the lower portion of the driveway and also to the sky. It is a subtle color, but it adds a nice finishing touch.

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