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To finish the pear, continue the layers of color until the 3-D look is created. Apply Scarlet Lake to the left side of the pear to create a beautiful red glow and the illusion of the shape of the pear. Make sure to curve your pencil strokes to follow the contours of the pear.

Use Tuscan Red along the bottom of the left side to create the shadow area, and also add some of it into the cast shadow. Also apply the Tuscan Red to the upper left side of the pear and to the stem to complete it.

With White, burnish the highlight areas to make them appear shiny.


#1008 Ivory mat board colors

Canary Yellow, Orange, Pumpkin Orange, Scarlet Lake, Dark Brown, Aquamarine, Black, White pumpkinandapples

Now let's go to a more complicated composition using many of the same colors used in the grape exercise on page 37. The colors used in the pumpkin and apples are deep and rich because of the light source and deep shadows, and are intensified by the use of complementary colors in the background.

Sketch out the shapes of the pumpkin and apples, using my drawing as a guide. Use a mechanical pencil so you can make corrections if you need to. Don't worry if your drawing is not exactly like mine. With still-life objects such as fruit, perfection isn't that important. It is the technique of applying colored pencil that is the focus.

Orange Colored Drawing Objects Fruit Color Pencil Drawings

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