Deepenthetonesand Create The Form

To build the skin tone, add Peach to both the face and the hand. On the hand, use an even layer of color over the entire area, overlapping the color already there. On the face, make the color deeper on the left side along the jaw by layering, keeping your pencil point sharp at all times. Overlap the Black Raspberry already there, allowing the colors to merge together. You should begin to see the sphere exercises in the cheeks, the nose and the chin.

With Henna, add some color to the lower lip, and to the cast shadow of the hair below the eye on the left. Add Henna to the creases under the eyes as well.

Deepen the color of the hair by adding more Canary Yellow. While you're there, add a little to the background, just to the right side of the face. Create the darker areas of the hair with Light Umber using long, quick strokes to replicate the hair's texture. For the deeper shadow area on the right side, add some layers of Dark Brown.

To create the fuzzy texture of the collar, use your pencil on the flat, and build the color with both Black and Dark Brown using small, circular strokes. It is identical to the way I created the dark, curly hair on page 132.

Create more texture in the tree bark between the fingers and above the hand using Dark Brown and Black.

To create the look of creases and folds in the jacket, add Denim Blue to the shadow areas. You may recognize the interlocking fold from page 62.

Shadow Pencile Drawing Ball

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