Deepen The Tones And Finish The Background

Deepen the tones throughout the drawing. Using Black and a very light touch, create more shadow effects on the tiger by adding various gray tones around the sides of the face and in the body. To soften these shadow areas, overlap the gray areas with Light Cerulean Blue.

Finish the background by adding more layers of Light Cerulean Blue. Deepen the color directly around the tiger, and allow it to fade out toward the suede board's edge. Soften the darker left side by overlapping the Black with Light Cerulean Blue.

Continue to deepen the tiger's stripes with Black. Do not outline each stripe. They must look natural and soft on the edges. In the stripes around the edges of the face, use quick strokes, overlapping the white areas. This will render the appearance of individual furs on the face.

To finish the drawing, add white whiskers and small hairs with a White pencil. It is important to have a sharp point, but also to use firm, quick strokes. Make sure to taper the pencil lines at the end to create the realistic look of animal hair. It looks unnatural when a pencil line is the same width from beginning to end.

With White, add the whiskers and the hairs inside the ears. Add some White strokes to the outside edges of the tiger, overlapping the background. With White, add some small dots into the chin area for texture. Finally, add some White to the highlights in the eyes to make them shine.

Pencil Drawing Beginners Guide

Pencil Drawing Beginners Guide

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