Deepen The Tones And Create The Shadows

Once you have achieved accurate ellipses, deepen the colors of the stripes around the neck and the top of the bowl with Indigo Blue. Also add the small patterns to the handles with Indigo Blue.

Deepen the overall color of the bowl using the layering technique. This allows the color of the paper to come through, further enhancing the look of pottery. With Henna, deepen the color in the lower area of the bowl. Use Clay Rose to help the Henna color transition toward the upper area of the bowl.

Create the shadow on the right side of the bowl by layering Black. Notice the cast shadows to the right of the knob on the lid and to the left of the handle on the right. Deepen the tone in the background with Black.

Add Burnt Ochre to the tabletop on the left, and Black Raspberry to the tabletop on the right. Lightly apply White to begin the highlights.

Colored Pencil Landscape Burnish

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