Deepen The Colors And Finish The Background

The final stages of the drawing will take some time because the entire drawing is layered, not burnished. Use Tuscan Red for the darker areas—the contours of form and muscle—and Dark Umber and Black for the darkest shadows. Because you are using the layering process, you should still be able to see the Orange undertones. Keep a sharp point on your pencils so the tones remain smooth and transitional.

Build the color and density of the mane with quick strokes. Start at the base of the mane and allow the pencil strokes to taper at the ends to enhance the appearance of individual hairs. Make sure your pencils lines follow the direction of the mane. Build the light colors, alternating Orange and Terra Cotta. Alternate Tuscan Red and Black for the darker colors.

Finish building the color of the sky with True Blue and Non-Photo Blue. Again, keep a very sharp point at all times to ensure the background has an even tone.

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