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Use more Henna to deepen the corners of the eyes and add more color to the lips. Use Seashell Pink to shadow the eyeballs for roundness. Also add Seashell Pink to the area between the nose and the mouth to soften the edges of the shadows, allowing it to fade into the white of the paper. Add Denim Blue to the irises to create the eye color.

Use Seashell Pink to soften and transition the colors of the skin on the hand. Create the ring with Black and White, burnishing the colors for the look of shiny silver.

Burnish the highlight areas of the hair with White, and add White to the tips of the hair for shine. To warm up the hair tones, streak a little bit of Henna into it in the shadow areas under the ear, where it overlaps the face, and on the outside edge of the head on the right side.

Create the look of tree bark with harsh, heavy pencil lines. It is exactly like the examples on pages 45 and 67. Overlap colors to give the illusion of texture. Add some Goldenrod for a warm color, then continue to build texture with Dark Brown and Black. Burnish in some White for the highlights.

Using the layered approach, continue to build the blue tones of the denim jacket with True Blue and Denim Blue. In the deepest shadow areas of the interlocking fold, use Black. Finish the collar with more layers of circular strokes in Black and Dark Brown.

Create the illusion of leaves by adding subtle leaf shapes along the right side of the face using Grass Green and Dark Green. The subtlety of leaves will keep from overwhelming the portrait with a busy background. Add shadows behind the left side of the head using Grass Green to add depth.

J A True Masterpiece

Shapes Composition

Sometimes a piece of art has just the right combination of color, shapes, composition and mood that qualifies it as a true masterpiece. For me, this is one of those pieces. Personally, this is a very meaningful portrait of my grandmother, sitting in her favorite chair in the apartment that I remember so well as a child. Every item represented in this drawing evokes a very emotional memory for me. It tugs at my heart every time I look at it—it perfectly captures my grandma the way I remember her, making it seem like it was just yesterday that I was right there with her.

At Grandma's House

Look at the variety of textures, repeated tones, complementary colors and techniques used in this piece of art.


There clearly were not enough pages in this book, because I could go on and on and on. But, as they say, all good things must come to an end! While this may be the end of another Lee Hammond book, it should not be the end of your practice. The projects in this book are just the beginning for you. Continue enjoying the wonderful world of colored pencil. Scour magazines, books and most of all, your own photo albums for interesting subjects to draw and create amazing compositions using your trusty viewfinders. You just never know when something will inspire you!

I'll leave you with one of my favorite sayings: "There is never a lack of subject matter—just absence of creativity!"

Have fun!

Drawings For BigginersColored Pencil Quotes

Sonny Denbow and His Cat

Stonehenge paper 11" x 14" (28cm x 36cm)

Sonny Denbow and His Cat

Stonehenge paper 11" x 14" (28cm x 36cm)


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