Darkenthetonesand Finish The Background

With a sharp point, layer the facial contours and shadows with Greyed Lavender, then lightly overlap them with Cool Grey 30%. Do you notice the warm tone of the areas where the colors overlap? Continue layering the Greyed Lavender down the chest and along the right side of the body.

Darken the nose with Seashell Pink and add a hint of Black Raspberry to the middle area. Make sure to leave a rim of reflected light around the nostrils.

Using a craft knife, lightly scratch out the whiskers and hairs inside the ears. Be careful not to gauge the paper! Fill them in with White, using long, quick strokes to create a tapered look. If you make the lines too thick, narrow either of their sides with Cool Grey 30%. Use this color to add a few hairs in the ears and create the pores on the cat's muzzle.

Finish the background with a light layer of Cool Grey 30% along the edges. With a sharp point, gradually overlap the Cool Grey 30% with Cloud Blue to define the edges of the cat.


White suede board colors

Light Cerulean Blue, Dark Brown, Black Raspberry, Cloud Blue, Black, White

Pencil Drawing Beginners Guide

Pencil Drawing Beginners Guide

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