Darken The Tones And Begin The Details

The left side of the house is darker because it is not facing the light. Using Cool Grey 70%, create the deep shadow directly under the upper front of the house behind the pillars. Use Cool Grey 50% to fill in the triangular areas on either side of the chimney. Lightly add Cool Grey 50% to the rest of the left side of the house. Then, add some Aquamarine over the gray as shown. Use the Aquamarine to create the shadow side of the pillars and on the house behind the pillars. Add some Aquamarine to the sky with horizontal strokes, and to the grassy area as well.

With Spring Green, add some color to the trees and the grassy area. Detail is not important; just use the flat of the pencil to rough it in. Create the trunk of the trees with Dark Brown. This is not a solid lineā€”it is broken up because of the tree limbs. Using Pink and the side of the pencil, loosely apply the colors of the flowers. The illusion of garden flowers is created even though you are adding little detail.

Add Mediterranean Blue to the shutters. Create the chimney with Peach on the lighter side and Pumpkin Orange on the darker side. Also use Peach on the roof. With White, render many repeating ellipses to create the look of cobblestones on the driveway. Add some Aquamarine to the stones closer to the house to achieve a shadowed look. Add more color to the sky by adding Pink and White to the Aquamarine. Use light, horizontal strokes to create the illusion of clouds.

Color Pencil Roof


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