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Use a Viewfinder to Practice Round Objects

Understanding the sphere and the five elements of shading is vital for beginning artists. It is the basis for so many different types of subjects—simply look around you. Think of this chapter as the flagship of your drawing instruction. With practice, you will be able to combine all of the basic shapes into any object you can imagine.

Segment Drawing of a Fruit Bowl

#1008 Ivory mat board 12" x 12" (30cm x 30cm)

Use a Viewfinder to Practice Round Objects

This segment drawing is full of round objects. It was created using the viewfinder method by isolating a very small section of a photograph of a fruit bowl.

Colors Used

Canary Yellow, Yellow Orange, Lime-peel, Apple Green, Grass Green, Dark Green, Poppy Red, Crimson Red, Dark Purple, Tuscan Red, Black, White draw grapes

Grapes have a shiny skin that reflects light in a unique way. Before you begin to draw, study how the light hits your subject to locate all the shadows and edges of your drawing. Notice how the individual edge of each grape varies in the bunch. Where two grapes overlap, there is a light edge of reflected light. Where the grapes contrast against the white background, there is a darker edge. It is always important to figure out the undertone, or lightest color of the drawing, before you begin.

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