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Use the grid method to create an accurate line drawing of the reference photo. When you are happy with your sketch, carefully remove your grid with a kneaded eraser. Try to be as accurate as possible, because the entire outcome of your portrait hinges on this first step.

Drawing With Intense Shadows


Study the colors of the reference photo, and lightly place all the tones of the portrait. Lightly edge the intense shadows along the right side of the face with Dark Brown. Use this color along the jaw lines, under the hair on the right side and down the entire side of the face. Also with Dark Brown, create the shape of the eyebrows, the edges of the nose and the mouth. Gently fill in the dark shade of the upper lip.

With Black, create the shapes of the eyes, irises and pupils. Do not fill in the iris yet. Also with Black, lightly fill in the collar of the jacket and edge along the fingers and hand, placing some tone into the tree bark.

Use Black Raspberry to create the shapes of the shadows on the face along the right side, and also where the hair casts a shadow on the left side of the face. Then add some of the shadows to the hand. These shadows create the dimension and form of the face.

Add Canary Yellow to the hair, deliberately leaving the band of light untouched. Pull the hair strands out in long strokes and in the same direction. With Goldenrod, add the dark tones on both sides of the part with shorter strokes. You should be able to detect the individual hair strands; this enhances the look of realistic texture.

Use True Blue and a light touch to begin the tones of the denim jacket. Begin to layer the background's undertone with Apple Green.

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