Continue Burnishing

Burnish more Sky Blue Light inside the rim and above the pot to make it deeper in tone. Use Blue Violet Lake to add more color to the inside rim and body of the pot. On the pot, use a circular motion with the flat of the pencil lead, not the point. This will give the illusion of the speckling seen in the glaze. Look closely at the illustration and you can see where I used these circular strokes, and where the pencil lines are just drawn in.

Switch to Denim Blue, and build the dark tones on the pot. Intensify the color on the left side of the pot and the inside edge, being careful to create the window patterns in the highlight areas. Use this color to add the shadow edges to build the form and roundness of the pot.

Burnish the areas of Seashell Pink to make them more filled in. Burnish the black of the background to make it solid. Add Black under the pot to create a shadow. Deepen the colors of the tabletop, burnishing with firm, horizontal strokes of Greyed Lavender, Clay Rose and Sky Blue Light, allowing the colors to overlap one another. This gives the look of a shiny, reflective surface.

Burnishing Color Pencils

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    How to make color shiny and reflective?
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