Burnish The Colors And Finish The Drawing

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Continue to build up the colors with more pressure until they burnish together. Keep applying pencil lines, alternating back and forth between light and dark until the look of wood grain is achieved.


Bricks create an interesting background pattern to a drawing because each brick is totally different from another. No two are exactly alike.

It is important to draw bricks accurately and in perspective. Refer to the perspective basics on page 51 when choosing to include bricks in your drawings. Without the proper angles and vantage point, placing bricks in your drawing could throw the whole thing off.

Practice Drawing Contrasting Textures and Colors

I am drawn to subjects that have multiple contrasting textures, like this drawing of a decanter on the mantel. The smooth, shiny surface of the glass against the bricks is not only a contrast of texture, it is a complementary color scheme. There are thousands of textures in the world, and each one offers artists a wonderful creative opportunity.

Colors Used

Yellow Ochre, Mineral Orange, Terra Cotta, Tuscan Red, Dark Brown, Dark Umber, Sienna Brown, Dark Green, Peacock Green, True Green, Indigo Blue, Apple Green, Cool Grey 50%, Cool Grey 70%, Crimson Red, Black, White

Pencil Drawings Peacocks

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