Build The Facial Tones And Background

With Dark Brown, carefully and lightly applythetonesto the top of the head, around the eyes and down the sides of the nose. Continue adding the Dark Brown to the top of the nose and into the striped areas of the body.

Fill in the pupil and outline the outer edge around the eyes with Black. Use Light Cerulean Blue to fill in the eye color. Layer it more heavily around the pupil, and lighter as you work toward the outer edges.

Use Black Raspberry to gently fill in the nose. Use a firmer pressure to deepen the edges and middle of the nose. Use this color to create the lips, adding a little bit below the mouth onto the chin. Use Black to outline the nose and create the nostril area. Also use Black to edge the lips and mouth area.

Add realism and warmth to the Dark Brown of the tiger's features by using Black Raspberry to render the corners of the eyes and side of the nose. Add Black Raspberry to the inside of the ears as well.

Using Cloud Blue, create the three-dimensional form and the illusion of soft shadows along the tiger's back, chest and face. Place the Cloud Blue around the tiger to help create the soft edges. Adding this color here also makes its beautiful blue eyes stand out.

Ears Colored Pencils

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