Begin The Eyes And Nose

With Black, apply a light outline around the edges of the eyes and fill in the pupils. Lightly layer the iris with Limepeel. Leave a small area of paper exposed for the catchlight, as well as a slight rim of reflected light around the outside of the pupils and outer edges of the irises.

With White, burnish the catchlight of the eye to make it appear reflective. Lightly layer the Limepeel with Dark Brown to make the eyes appear round and lifelike.

Add the inner color of the ears with Seashell Pink. Darken the outer edges of the ears with a light application of Black. Add a small amount of Seashell Pink to the tip and rim of the nose, and under the chin. Use this color to begin the shadow areas along the right side of the nose and face.

Side Nose Drawing

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    How to pencil color a nose?
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