i Continue building the color of the sky with the layered approach, taking care to disguise any pencil lines. Deepen the color with Canary Yellow, and make the color around the sun extra deep so that it looks bright white.

Deepen the sky with Yellow Orange, moving out from the sun. With Orange, continue out even farther. Create the sun rays by lifting them out with the kneaded eraser in a wagon-wheel pattern. Don't worry if you lift too much, you can add the color back in with Canary Yellow.

Use Celadon Green to depict the subtle hint of the blue sky showing in the upper corners. The yellow of the sun mixes with the blue of the sky to produce a green cast.

Deepen the colors of the yellow water reflection with Canary Yellow and Yellow Orange. Create the shoreline with Orange. Add the deep red colors to the mountaintop, the waves, and the shoreline with Tuscan Red. Allow the Canary Yellow to show along the base of the mountain to create a hazy effect.

Pencil Drawing Beginners Guide

Pencil Drawing Beginners Guide

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