Apply The Undertone And Initial Layers Of Color

Create this drawing with many, many layers of color. Once you have the outline drawn, apply the first layer of colors to the pumpkin and apples. As we did in the previous exercises, apply the Canary Yellow as the undertone. Because of the deep shadows of this piece, the yellow is more evident on the left side.

After the Canary Yellow is applied, add Pumpkin Orange to the right side of the pumpkin. Use this color to create the ridges of the pumpkin skin. Add some of this color to the right side of the apples, too.

With Dark Brown, create the cast shadow of the apple onto the left side of the pumpkin in the yellow area. Add the Dark Brown to the lower area of the pumpkin to create the shadow area. This makes the pumpkin appear rounded. Apply Scarlet Lake to the right sides of the apples.

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