Add The Foreground Details

Use your mechanical pencil to lightly sketch in the foreground shapes to use as a guide. Fill in the largest shapes first, such as the trunk of the tree and the shoreline. With Black and a very sharp point on your pencil, apply the palm leaves, the small bush to the right of the tree, and the blades of grass. If you haven't drawn a palm tree before, I would suggest practicing first on a separate sheet of paper.

Notice how the individual palms pull out from the center, resembling a feather and a quill. The tapered ends must be applied with quick strokes. The same is true for the grass. Be sure to use quick strokes, lifting your pencil at the end so the width of the line becomes very thin.

Apply the Black as dark as possible with firm pressure. Because this is a silhouette, no small details of the foreground should be visible.


White suede board colors

True Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Goldenrod, White, Black

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